Easton Injexion Focused Energy 6-Pack Arrows

Product Description

Easton® Carbon Injexion With Blazer® Vanes

    • Extreme penetration and durability
    • Ultramicro diameter of Olympic-style arrows
    • Stainless steel Deep Six HIT inserts
    • Fitted with G-Nocks and 2" Blazer vanes
Combine the downrange kinetic energy and ultramicro diameter of Olympic-style arrows with the front-of-center balance of Deep Six HIT inserts, and you have hunting-arrow perfection. Arrows have 56% more kinetic energy density, 31% greater penetration, 32% more impact resistance and 65% more impact strength than standard-diameter carbon arrows. Utilizing N-Fused™ carbon nanotubes, the arrows boast increased strength, reduced vibration and extra armor-piercing penetration. Deep Six HIT inserts are machined from stainless steel with more threads per inch for up to 25% more thread engagement than conventional inserts. Focused-Front-of-Center arrow balance delivers accurate broadhead flight. Factory-installed, 2" Blazer® vanes help stabilize even the largest fixed-blade broadheads. Comes with G-Nocks installed and Deep Six HIT Insert system (inserts, HIT epoxy, chamfer stone and installation tool). Requires Deep Six broadheads and points (not included). Made in USA. Per 6.

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