Raven Inside The Waistband Soft Loops

Product Description

Our IWB Soft Loops have become the industry standard by which all others are judged.  These loops are made from a U.S. made, high tech laminate with a woven Kevlar core and super tough synthetic rubber over mold. They will not stretch and even abrasive nylon webbing belts will not wear them out easily. The rubber overmold provides plenty of grip on the belt to prevent shifting during use. We are using mil-spec Pull the Dot directional snaps and our own proprietary stainless steel hardware that we melonite to ensure years of maintenance free use.

These loops are adjustable and will fit most belts 1.25", 1.5", and 1.75" wide. They come with all needed hardware to mount them directly to our Phantom series holsters or Modular Carriers. Please note, the snaps on these loops can be very tight when you first get them. If you have difficulty unsnapping them, use a flat blade screw driver or similar tool. Insert it between the male and female snap heads on the outside of the loop and twist to open them. After several times opening and closing, they will loosen up for you.

Sold in pairs.


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