Raven Inside The Waistband Tuckable Soft Loops

Product Description

RCS is proud to offer our Tuckable Soft Loops. These loops utilize our nearly unbreakable polymer struts and our improved Soft Loops.

This option will mount in various position on your Phantom holster or Modular carrier to allow you to customize your ride and cant. They will allow you to tuck your cover garment in over the weapon for maximum concealment. This option will mount with the included hardware that comes with your holster or carrier. We do have spare hardware kits available. As always, we recommend that once you find a configuration you like, apply some non-permanent thread locking product to the screws to prevent them from backing out during use and check your gear regularly.

Please note, we do not recommend you carry your holster with the mouth of the holster below the belt line. While it may make the weapon easier to conceal, you might experience draw and retention issues. Reholstering is also a safety concern when the pants are blocking the open mouth of the holster. You are also compromising your ability to get a full firing grip on the weapon for an efficient presentation during a defensive encounter.

If you will be using this accessory with any Mini-Phantom holster, you must order the Tuckable Soft Loop w/ Offset Wings for a two point mounting on each side of the holster.  If you have any questions please contact us prior to placing your order.

Sold in pairs.


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