IQ Ultra Lite

Product Description
The Ultra Lite 3-Pin Bow Sight is equipped with Retina Lock™ technology, which controls muscle memory and assists with consistency. The fiber polymer construction helps to maintain light weight, and the high impact resistance provides the needed durability. The IQ Bowsights® Ultra Lite 3-Pin Bow Sight has a built-in level and silent coat finish so you'll land more arrows while remaining undetected by your target.


  • Ultra Lite 3-Pin Bow Sight
  • Retina Lock™ instant feedback technology for improved consistency
  • Lightweight fiber polymer construction for durability
  • Silent coat finish
  • Stack tight pins
  • Built-in sight level
  • Model: 342
  • IQ Bowsight


  • Pin Size: .019
  • Pin Count: 3
  • Hand: Right
$79.99 $89.99

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