Trophy Ridge Alpha 5-Pin Left Hand

Product Description
Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha Sight. Uncompromised precision matched with never - say - die durability. Basically, it's the nail in the coffin for Mr. Big Buck. The Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha is a rugged, precise instrument with exclusive Trophy Ridge Vertical In-Line Pin Technology for a dramatically increased field of view. And that, My Friend, is just the beginning: Lightweight, rugged aluminum housing; Front, clear fiber optic ring soaks up all available light to produce the brightest pins Trophy Ridge has ever offered.; Micro-adjustment reduces time sighting-in, increases time in the field; Nylon bushings prevent binding over time from dirt and dust; Individual, precision pin adjustment screws. No tightening, no loosening... just an easy turn and the pin can be micro adjusted precisely into position; Tough-as-nails Metal Injection Molded (MIM) steel pins.; TIC Pins help you find the pin you need quickly; Heavy-duty bracketry and mounting screws for lock-down, secure mount; Sight Light Housing accepts the exclusive Trophy Ridge 3-Position Rheostat Sight Light and channels the light through the fiber optics - exposing your pins instead of your position; Take aim! Order Now! 5-Pin Trophy Ridge Micro Alpha V5

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